Saturday, January 29, 2011


In the sacred ocean of divine love,
Mighty tides often rose with your thoughts.

The agony of love became a painless scar,
When u rained in spring like an Iris flower.

The petrified ocean lost her numbness and pumped a beat,
When the scintillating moonlight covered her body.

She thought that moonlight only loved her and she danced all night,
Look at the irony…..**hahaha**…..she was so dumb, her own waves laughed on her plight.

The moon left early morning kissing everybody goodbye,
The ocean of love again petrified and waited desperately for the dark.

During the night, the moon sprinkled her light on every tree and on every castle,
So much drowned in love, ocean did not understand that it’s not only she who was so special.

One fine day the moon noticed and asked the ocean – “why does the level of water inside u rises everyday”
She answered– “It’s when you are gone, I miss you, and drink my own tears”

Moon, moved by her love, promised to shower on her, radiance closest to his heart,
Used to kiss her, cuddle her and hug her every time before he would depart.

Still, 15 hours of divorce everyday and sharing her love with everybody,
The ocean of love was all shattered and broken.

One fine day, the moon glided on earth seeing no glow on the face of her lover bride,
To his despair, he saw her cold body and frozen tears – a sweet suicide.

She had left a note for the moon – “I will watch u from heaven above u and once in a while, we will spend time alone, I can’t share you with others. You are mine”
The moon, then decided to spend 1 night with the ocean of love after every 14 days.

From heaven came the ocean of love and from space came the charming moon,
Made love to each other and, in each other’s arms, both of them used to croon.

---Mayank Khanna

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