Saturday, January 29, 2011

I saw this with my eyes...I swear...

The dove was dancing in the flames,
Eating the human flesh, freeing the human soul…

I saw this with my eyes….I swear…

White coat wrestling the fiery man on the black bull,
A dark laugh and the strings untangled setting the soul free.

The man on the black bull asked me to come along,
For I feared what would happen to my pop on a journey so long?

We kept crossing dimensions;
I could see the peacock dancing and euphoria making out with everybody.

Pop’s pain dissolved in the light so white,
I could feel him, but lost his body's sight.

I saw this with my eyes…I swear…

I did not want to come back from that abyss of unconditional love,
because down there, I feared the burden of responsibilities.

That plastic money, those Miami dreams, those virtual friends which once were my Achilles heel,
appeared to me as a pale dream and a car without the wheels.

“The dark energy will eat you”, the fiery man said,
“It will be hard to carve your identity once you go back”, he added.

As I crossed the dimensions sitting on a meteor,
A black cloud enticed me for the materialistic pleasure.

My inner full of golden vibes fought with all the courage.
But lost, lost all my innocence.

I forgot most of what I saw and where my pop was taken,
All I know is, he was in a blissful state.

I was so glad, but wait, what about her?
She was the women who lost her face to my dad.

Still not over building the castles of dreams,
She was forced to live in the city of foam.

The lady in tears still shouts out loud…waiting for him to come back,
Her angels cry, spitting blood on her snow white gown of happiness.

The avalanche of memories begs her to commit suicide,
He had to go mommy, from the heaven, he'll be our guide.

Millions of hugs are taking him to a height,
Celebrating moments together, all are merging with the infinite.

I saw this with my eyes…I swear…
I saw this with my eyes…I swear…

--Mayank khanna

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