Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kuttay - Poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz -

for all the dogs who think they are not
Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Years go by
Life runs out
You think you know
But it remains ever elusive

Nothing more than an illusion
Every episode of your life
Still it shocks you
Every single time

People and places
Ephemeral nuisances
Events and time
Scathing torches

Play the blame game
But the finger points at you
A whirlpool of self-loathing
An attack of hollow truth

Die to be right once
Beg to be heard
Lulled by deception
Stifled by guilt

Facing the mirror
Seeking the light
But the mirror’s clouded
And the light’s long gone

Years go by
Life runs out
You think you know
But it remains ever elusive

Guest Poet
Aakriti Vasudeva

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Journey Back in Time

A journey back in time,
A journey down the memory lane,
A journey through the yesteryears,
A journey through all those dwindling lanes...

The bonds time left behind,
The bonds no one bothered to mend,
How is it that time turned behind...?
To unite the bonds on the path to the end...?

An old friend comes along,
And suddenly you know where you belong...
Makes you feel alive,
Makes you feel special,
Knowing the unknown was anyway never a ritual...

The feeling of having someone back in your life,
After all the strife...
Suddenly makes life feel so complete,
It's tough to imagine how things would've been without this relation obsolete.

- Nupur Kherdekar

(Still thinking of a title...)

I can still hear the voices,
Tinkling in my ears,
The thoughts hovering over my head…
To my mind they cause a sear...

Locked I’d kept what inside,
Behind me those ebony shadows glide…
Standing with my arms open wide; beneath the sky twilight…
I still fail to embrace this emotion mystique.

My deeds, I do regret,
I accept they were deliberate…
This cycle of love and hate…
Neither of us can mitigate.

- Nupur Kherdekar

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweet Release

Deep within
Unrest and turmoil it’s been.
Light won’t penetrate the soul.
It will wither, complete and whole.

Searing pain punctuates body
Hands reach in prayer to lordy.
Screams stifled, hands chained
Only writhing body, pleading eyes remain.

Heavy breathing, thumping heart.
Sense of loss, part by part.
Trapped by mind and muffled by thought,
This is the truth you always sought.

Now is the time to cease
Waiting for sweet release.

Guest Poet 
Aakriti Vasudeva

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Loving You

Loving you is the best thing, I’ve ever did in mah lyf...

Loving you is like getting everything I’ve desired for..!!!

Loving you is like forgetting the past and the future and living the moment..!!!

Loving you is like getting free...

Loving you is to feel the soul...

Loving you is the innocence of a baby...

Loving you is the joy of getting drenched in the rains...

Loving you is the pious sin that i always did like to commit...

Loving you is like the ray of hope which forces me to live wen everything falls apart...

Loving you is the pain i feel, when you’re away from me...

And ultimately...

Loving you is the way in which i remind myself, that "I EXIST" ...!!

Guest Poet
-- Roma Lakhani